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Through the years, Constance has illustrated many beautiful books. You can see a catalog below for these. Constance would like you to support local businesses, please contact the Montana Book & Toy Company at 406-443-0260 to order!

Beneath The SunBeneath the Sun

Written by Melissa Stewart, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

When the sun is scorching, you put on sunscreen and run under the sprinkler to stay cool. Buthow do wild animals survive in the heat? Journey from your neighborhood to a field where an earthworm loops its long body into a b asll underground, to a desert where an earthworm loops its long body into a ball underground, to a desert where a jackrabbit loses heat through its oversized ears, to a wetland where a siren salamander burrows into the mud, and to a seashore where sea stars hide in the shade of a seaweed mat – and learn of the many ways animals carry on in spite of the sun’s sizzling rays.

In Beneath the Sun, award-winning science writer Melissa Stewart offers a lyrical tour of a wariety of habitats, providing young readers with vivid glimpses of a diverse cast of creatures as they live out the hottest days of the year. Constance Bergum’s glowing watercolors perfectly capture the wonder and magic that can happen beneath the sun.

Under The SnowUnder the Snow

Written by Melissa Stewart, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

When snow falls, we love to sled and skate and have snowball fights. But at the end of the day, we go home where it is warm and safe. What about all those animals out there in the forests and fields? What do they do when snow blankets the ground? Journey from your neighborhood to the woods, where ladybugs crowd together in a gap in the stone wall and a chipmunk snoozes in his burrow. Take a side trip to the pond, where a carp rests quietly on the bottom and a green frog nestles in the mud, scarcely breathing. And then as winter passes and the sun’s rays grow stronger, join all the animals as they get ready for spring. Award-winning science writer Melissa Stewart offers a lyrical tour of a variety of habitats, providing young readers with vivid glimpses of animals as they live out the winter beneath the snow and ice. Constance R. Bergum’s glowing watercolors perfectly capture the wonder and magic that can happen under the snow.

When Rain FallsWhen Rain Falls

by Melissa Stewart, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

We go inside when the rain comes down, but where do animals go? That depends on the kind of animal and where it lives. Bees hide in hives and ants stay safe in underground nests. Squirrels pull their long bushy tails over their heads like umbrellas. Caterpillars crawl under leaves. This new book for young readers offers a first glimpse at how different animals in different habitats behave during a thunderstorm.

In simple, easy-to-understand language, veteran children’s book author Melissa Stewart takes a lyrical look at the behavior of animals in forests, fields, wetlands, and deserts and briefly describes how each creature interacts with its rained-soaked environment. Constance Bergum’s soft, watercolor paintings colorfully depict the animals and special features of each habitat. Individual sidebar and panel illustrations provide close-up details of the natural world.

Who's FasterWho’s Faster?

Written by Eileen R. Meyer, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

The cheetah may be the fastest land mammal, but is it the fastest animal of all? Or does the award go to a soaring bird, slithering snake, or sailing fish? The fourteen animals presented in Who’s Faster? Span a range of speeds, from the slow crawl of a sloth to the breakneck blur of the fastest animal in the world. With lyrical text, author Eileen Meyer describes each animal’s unique movement and then asks readers, “Who’s Faster?” Kids won’t be able to stop turning the pages until they find out who’s fastest. Beautiful watercolors by award-winning illustrator Constance Bergum captures each animal’s graceful movement and include intricate details of hooves, whiskers, fins, and feathers. An appendix provides more information about each animal.

Dancing With KatyaDancing with Katya

Written by Dori Chaconas, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

Anna and her little sister Katya live on a Wisconsin farm. Their favorite game is dancing in the meadow, pretending they are beautiful ballerinas in satin slippers with ribbons tied around their ankles. But when Katya falls ill with a mysterious crippling disease called polio, her dancing dreams are put on hold – perhaps forever.

Even though Katya’s health improves, sickness has left her legs weak and misshapen. Mamma and Katy must travel to a special hospital in Minneapolis, where Katya will learn to walk again. While waiting eagerly for her sister’s return, Anna dreams of returning once more to their ballerina game.

Katya’s homecoming, however, is bittersweet. She has ugly, bulky braces on her legs, and walks as stiffly as a dime store tin soldier. Both girls are sorely disappointed, and Katya grows increasingly despondent. Ultimately, though, Anna uses her ingenuity – and her heart- to find a way for her sister to dance again, in her own joyous way.

Daniel and His Walking StickDaniel and His Walking Stick

Written by Wendy McCormick, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

Jesse wishes she could remember her grandfathers – Grandpa Jack, who died before she was born, and grandpa Ray, who lived long enough to visit her when she was a baby, to give her a bath and sing er songs. Her parents show her pictures of them and tell her stories, but that just isn’t the same as having her own memories.

On a family vacation to the country, Jesse’s mom introduces her to Daniel, and old man dressed in a green shirt and carrying a big gray walking stick. He looks like a tree come to life. Jess is full of questions for Daniel, who once roamed the paths along the lake shore with her grandfather. On long walks through the woods with her new friend, Jesse learns to look more closely at the world around her. When she returns to the city, Jesse brings with her a gift from Daniel – and some very special memories of her own.

The model for Daniel in this book was a good friend who brought his gentle, kind presence to the project.

Nature'sYucky200Nature’s Yucky!: Gross Stuff That Helps Nature Work

Written by Lee Ann Landstrom & Karen I. Shragg, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

Did you know that honey is bee barf? That grizzly bears sometimes eat rotting meat? Or that turkey vultures poop on their own feet? Nature’s Yucky uses kids’ natural fascination with the stinky, the gross, and the icky to help them learn more about wild animals and why critters behave as they do. Lovely paintings balance out the yuckiness, reminding us that nature is not just disgusting, beautiful,too.

This book is a favorite among primary children when I visit schools. There is nothing funnier than talking about poop, I guess.

SunsetsThe Sunsets of Miss Olivia Wiggins

by Lester L. Laminack, Constance R. Bergum (Illustrator)

This poignant tale of a woman residing in a nursing home who seems to live more in a world of memories than in the present gives voice to an often not-discussed element of aging. Constance Bergum’s delicate watercolor illustrations give soft expression to the continuity of generations and the love that holds a family together during times of hardship. 32 pp. Ages 6-10. Pub: 3/98.

Even though Miss Olivia seems unaware of the world around her, when her daughter and her great-grandson come to the nursing home to visit, they awaken happy memories of her past.

M Is for Montana


Written by Gayle Shirley, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

An ABC book about Montana

This was my first book and remains one of my favorites. I was so thrilled to be illustrating a children’s book and I think that passion and love for books, children and Montana is still evident many years later. It was my first opportunity to bring skills I had developed as a graphic designer together in book form and I loved every facet of the project from drafting the lettering on the cover, researching the images, and designing the layout for the pages to the watercolors I painted in my first studio – our dining room table! I especially loved including small portraits among the illustrations of my three children and the writer Gayle Shirley’s son.

Several of my earlier books are now out of print but often available through Amazon as used titles.

They are:

C is for Colorado

Written by Gayle Shirley and Illustrated by Constance Bergum

An alphabet book about Colorado

A is for Animals

Written by Gayle Shirley, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

An alphabet book focusing on endangered animals of the world

Seya’s Song

Written by Ron Hirschi, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

A book dedicated to the preservation of the way of life and the language of the S’Klallam tribe of Washington State

Grandma Buffalo, Mae and Me

Written by Carol Curtis Stilz, Illustrated by Constance Bergum

A journey by a young girl and her mother to rediscover her family history

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